24 Hrs. Emergency Helpline
+91-1482-253022 / 253088
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OPD Timing

Morning: 9 AM - 4 PM
Emergency & Pharmacy
24 Hrs. x 7 Days

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We Are The Best

Smt. Kesar Bai Soni Hospital is a non-profit organization providing a 24-hour health care service, seven days a week to the people.

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We Are Winners

A leader in the field of behavioral healthcare. There are dedicated, caring staff waiting to assist you at Soni Hospital.

About Us

This hospital is supported and endorsed by the prestigious
Sangam India Limited.

A patient’s survival and recovery depends on right diagnosis. What is the first thing you do when your patient’s health depends on the diagnosis expertise and speed? You put your whole trust in the doctor. You do everything exactly as advised by the doctor. Knowing the criticality of the patient, it is essential that you put your trust in the right hospital and the right doctors.

Smt. Kesarbai Soni Hospital is a multispecialty hospital which specializes in treatment for all diseases. It is a leading hospital in Bhilwara and was established in the year 1993. This hospital is supported and endorsed by the prestigious Sangam India Ltd. Soni hospital is like a medical haven for the people of Bhilwara, where there was no availability of proper doctors or medicines. The opening up of this private hospital has resulted in better health of the people of Bhilwara. The hospital has a concern to provide a comprehensive gamut of top-of-the-line diagnostic modalities that embrace the entire array of technological innovations to increase the reliability and speed of diagnosis, improve information content, reduce discomfort to the patient and most importantly, be economical as well. The Soni Hospital is promoted by Sangam India Limited. The hospital provides a friendly environment with professional treatment and medical care. It has been honestly fulfilling its duties for last 28 years and plans to continue doing so. Our compassion and empathy towards our patients comes from imagining to put ourselves in our patient’s shoes. Therefore, we understand the urgency and acute need of immediate care of our patients.


To preserve and improve human life by providing residents of rural communities access to exceptional, personalized, caring and affordable health services


Our vision is to become a center of excellence for holistic healthcare, which implies comprehensive care of our patients in all health aspects.


The hospital runs on ethics, transparency and patient focused environment, where there are charitable schemes for the needy people in the society.


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Our Services

Smt. Kesarbai Soni Hospital has proven to provide the best service in healthcare and treatment. The hospital is continuously updated and equipped with modern and latest technologically advanced machinery and equipment.
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Our hospital holds a unit where you can get treated for general illnesses like flu, fever, cold, etc. Our highly qualified doctors quickly diagnose the issue with the patient, pacifies him/her and prescribe the best and effective medicine.

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You get the best orthopedic treatment in Soni Hospital in Bhilwara. Our orthopedics are dedicated, specialized and experienced in treating all kinds of skeletal deformities, issues and also tend to debilitating dysfunctions.

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Soni Hospital is well renowned in Bhilwara for its laparoscopic treatment. The introduction of laparoscopy in a district like Bhilwara is kind of revolutionary. It provides quality laparoscopic treatment and surgery with minimum access.

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It is quite essential for a city or town to have a proper gynaecology hospital for women’s health. Soni Hospital has the best gynecologist who is experienced and has proven to be the best women’s doctor in Bhilwara.

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Our ENT doctor is specialized in diagnosing, treating and conducting surgeries pertaining to ENT. You also get best treatment for ailments like sinus and nerve deafness. A doctor offers effective and immediate care to all.

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The hospital is well decked with state of art equipment and machinery for treatment through Radiology. The patients can get treatment using imaging technique of radiology like X Ray, Ultrasound etc. readily available for their care.

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A good pediatric unit plays an essential role in the health of all children in a town or city. Our hospital now have a proper pediatric care section with the best pediatrician who works solely for providing the best medical assistance to kids.

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We have a separate Urology section where our experienced urology specialist tends to diseases pertaining to urinary tract system, female and male reproductive systems. Our doctor also specializes in surgery for any urinary disease.

You cannot believe in God until you believe in yourself.

Swami Vivekananda

Hospital Campus

It has a campus of 1 lakhs square feet with doctors & staff quarters inside the campus, which ensures round the clock emergency services.

Hygenic Food For Patients

The patients get healthy dietitian supervised food which is prepared in a hygienic environment. The attendants get proper canteen facility.

Ultra Modern Labor Room

The hospital holds ultra modern labor room having facilities of two simultaneous deliveries. The general wards are spacious with modern amenities.

Air Conditioning

The hospital is centralized air cooled and
air-conditioned having 2 lifts. So that, the hospital
is adequately thermalized and no chances
of disease transmission.

Lift Facility

The hospital is having 2 lift facilities for patients. Which is spacious and specially designed
for wheel chairs and stretchers with a lift man
for the ease of patients.

Doctor's Consultation Chamber

8 air-cooled consulting chambers to accommodate
all the facilities. Doctors under different specialization sit in each separate chamber of their
for the ease of patients.

Our Doctors

Smt. Kesarbai Soni Hospital’s motto is “Human care, more than health care”. The essence of this motto is upheld by our doctors in serving and rendering quality healthcare to their patients. Our doctors have given numerous happy and contented smiles to the ailing people of Bhilwara.
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Dr. Manish Choudhary

MBBS, MD - (H.O.D. Gen. Medicine)
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Dr. Vandana Thawani Chauhan

MS (Obst. & Gaynic), FMAS, Infertility Specialist
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Dr. Pankaj Inani

MS (Orthopedic)
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Dr. Dharmendra Kanwaria

MD (Medicine)
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Dr. Prashant Agal

DCH (Pediatric)
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Dr. Swati Dadhich

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Dr. Manish Goyal

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Dr. Surendra Bishnoi

DNB (Radiology)
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Dr. Shraddha Acharya

BDS (Dental Specialist)

Photo Gallery

Let's take a tour around Soni Hospital's family and our success stories so far.

Green Initiative

A commitment for a polution free environment.

The Steps are taken
for The Mother Nature

We all are quite well aware of the poor condition of our environment today. The earth is under danger because of all the harmful man-made activities. A sustainable source of energy and its consumption is the need of the hour. Therefore, in light of it, we have taken a Green Initiative.

We believe even the smallest step towards protecting the environment today can leave a great impact in the future. We have switched to solar energy and have installed solar plants and panels to harness the renewable source of energy from the Sun. It is our first step in our green initiative and in the future, we will be further adopting the renewable resources of energy and make our contribution in making our beautiful earth green again!

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