This hospital is promoted by "Sangam India Ltd." with a capital outlay of Rs. 700 crores and aiming at an annual turnover of Rs.1000 crores by next financial year.

Mr. R.P. Soni the chairman of Group Companies born and brought up in the village got basic Education at Bhilwara and Udaipur. In 1982 started the Business of synthetics by establishing of weaving machines in the name of Rajasthan Synthetics.

He have lead exclusively in India and oversease including U.K., France, Germany, switzerland, Japan, Singapore, Australia and China.

What do you do when your patient's survival depends on the right diagnosis? When diagnostic expertise and speed become the need of the hour. When you want to see your ailing patient as comfortable and well looked after as possible.

That, in a few words sums up our mission at Smt. Kesar Bai Soni Hospital. A concern to provide a comprehensive gamut of top-of-the-line diagnostic modalities which exploit the entire array of technology innovations, increase the reliability and speed of diagnosis, improve information content, reduce discomfort to the patient and most importantly, we are economical as well.

Soni Hospital provides patients with an atmosphere that is warm and friendly, and at the same time private and professional. It's a duty we have been fulfilling for the last 12 years, and a challenge in which we take immense pride and pleasure.

At Smt. Kesar Bai Soni Hospital, we believe in putting ourselves in the patient's shoes. We understand that he and his family may be tense, tired and worried. The last thing they need are unnecessary delays and indifferent service.

Smt. Kesar Bai Soni Hospital is open 24 hours, welcoming patients even at short notice and has a refreshingly pleasant and efficient staff to process admissions quickly, without any bureaucratic hold-ups common elsewhere.

Truly, Soni Hospital provides its patients with total comfort in a warm, friendly but professional setting.

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